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    FAQs About Selling Real Estate

    1. Why do I want to be in the MLS?

    99% of all buyers use a real estate agent for their next home purchase, since buyer's agent services are free to buyers. The MLS or multiple listing service is your passport to all of the brokers/buyer's agents and their clients in the region. It is the primary database that buyer's agents use to find the perfect home that fits their clients needs. It gives you the exposure that you need to sell to a qualified buyer through a professional, so that you know that the deal will be completed correctly and legally and to someone who has the funds to purchase.

    2. How are you different from other brokerages?

    Consumers not only want to know your product, they want to be entertained and no less is expected when selling a home. We have taken the business of home selling to a whole new level by taking real estate into the entertainment industry. Our cinematographer puts your home on the screen by creating a documentary short film of your house, its special features, your unique neighborhood, and enticing surrounding venues to excite the imagination of buyers dreaming to move to a home just like yours. We utilize a RED Raptor 8K movie camera, full lighting package, editing, and production in our studio to capture a dramatic reel of your home that not only looks incredible but portrays the feeling and lifestyle of Asheville.

    In addition, we mass market your home nationally across multiple media platforms including popular social media sites, YouTube, google ads, and all major real estate syndication sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Your home will also be featured on sellingavl.com and our mobile app making it easy to access for buyers on the hunt. We let your home be the spotlight!

    3. What do you charge?

    As real estate professionals, experts in our industry and in the community; we pride ourselves on providing the most specialized and personalized service experience in the industry. We earn your business time and time again. We list homes, FULL SERVICE, which includes professional photography, square footage measurement, MLS listing, videography, print media, and professional advertising at our cost in return for a 3% commission. However, in order to find you a buyer that is pre-qualified to purchase your home, we need to collaborate with our colleagues in the industry and for their expertise in bringing the right client and brokering that deal; you agree to pay them a commission of 3% as well for a total of 6%. But, as a conscientious member of this community, we know that a standard commission structure does not work for everyone. Talk to us! We are committed to making your experience a successful one; both emotionally and financially.

    4. What if a buyer comes to me directly?

    No matter if the buyer is a friend or family member, it is always prudent to have separate representation for both parties. All buyer inquiries can be referred to one of our agents for representation or if you prefer we can refer them to an outside reputable firm.  Regardless, we stay committed to representing YOU alone and negotiating solely on your behalf. We will always prudently review all contracts for you and make recommendations so that you get the most money possible for your home!

    5. Do I have to show my own house?

    NO, not at all! We provide every client with the ShowingTime app so that they have control and notification over who enters their home, the day, and the time. This streamlines the showing process and ensures the safety of your home and belongings by only allowing licensed real estate agents and their professional vendors to enter your home. 

    6. When are commissions and fees paid?

    Commissions and all closing fees are taken from your proceeds at closing.

    7. What makes you different from other listing services?

    A home can only be sold if someone sees it! We are marketing experts! As a firm, we work in collaboration with a professional marketing company to gain the most exposure for your home. We utilize social media, google ads, buyer targeting, print media, and video media to advertise your home to the widest audience. We are also professional negotiators! It's one thing to get your home under contract, but you also need to close the deal. With a background as a  business contract paralegal, I am confident at the negotiating table and in obtaining the optimal sale terms for you. If you want top dollar for your home, you need someone that is fighting on your side for your best interests!

    8. How do I get started?

    Simply give me a call or send me an email. We will do an initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and expectations. If you would rather meet at your home, we can do that too! We will then prepare a comparative market analysis and do all property research to help you determine a listing price, complete all of the listing documents, provide you with a sign and lockbox, and arrange a day and time to meet with our film crew for photography and videography that works with your schedule. We will also give you advice on staging and presentation so that your home is presented optimally for the next lucky buyer.