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    Friday, April 12, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Time to tee up!

    Un-fore-gettable golf courses

    These local greens are a hole in one. | Photo via The Omni Grove Park Inn 

    It may be too late to make it into this year’s Masters Tournament, but spending time on the links is still a good way to soak in the local greenspace. Hone your swing at these 12+ golf courses around the Land of the Sky.

    Public courses
    Asheville Municipal Golf Course, 226 Fairway Dr. | An original design of turn-of-the-century Scottish professional golfer Donald Ross (whose name you’ll see many times in this guide), the recently renovated course has pass options for city residents and nonresidents as well as a pro shop and PGA staff available for lessons.
    Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course, 290 Macon Ave. | No need to be a hotel guest to enjoy a scenic game. Another Donald Ross design, the historic green has received accolades from Conde Nast Traveler, the North Carolina Golf Panel, and Golfweek Magazine.
    Reems Creek Golf Club, 36 Pi! ...

    Thursday, April 11, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Timing the market

    I'm sure that you have heard the phrase, "Timing is everything". Real estate is not an exception to the rule. Timing your sale or purchase is extremely important but it has to be the timing that coincides with the outcome that you want to achieve. So let's talk about some different scenarios and what the best timing would be. 
    When is the best time to sell?

    That depends upon whether you are looking for a quick close and the highest price or if you have the time to wait for the right buyer to accommodate special circumstances. 
    Special circumstances would be that you need an extended closing or you desire a leaseback in order for a new home to be finished or to find your next home. 
    Historically, the time when the most buyers are in the marketplace is Spring and Summer. This is when you can expect the highest number of showings and buyers desiring a shorter close period because they are trying to get moved before school starts again or to work in a vacation, etc.&nb. ...

    Wednesday, April 10, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    The "lowball": A horrible strategy for both buyers and sellers

    I wanted to address this topic because I have actually seen two "lowball" offers come across my desk this week. So let's discuss why this isn't a good strategy.
    Selling real estate is emotional
    Why we all might want to think that we are savvy when it comes to business, even the most experienced businessperson can mix emotion with finance when it comes to selling their home. Selling a house is a very personal experience. There are memories there and a bit of nostalgia for any homeowner, regardless of their motivation to move on. 
    When a "lowball" offer comes across the table, instead of an unattached response, the buyer is creating an emotional volcano, most often, insulting the seller and putting up a wall to negotiation. This only bars the gate to a counteroffer and instead of the response that the buyer is seeking (usually to start a conversation) the seller in most cases refuses to continue the deal at all. 
    Why is this occurring?
    This has been a new phenomena to the ! ...

    Tuesday, April 9, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    The $20 tomato: Homesteading; beautifully hard work

    I would say that about 50% of my buyer requests for homes involve homesteading. It seems to be a modern dream of many. It definitely is one that I have embraced and truly touches my heart. 
    Why are people returning to the basics?
    "Homesteaders are motivated by a range of forces, from a longing to take more control over life to wanting to seek a better diet, says Jessica Shelton, editor of Homestead.org. Most of all, it provides an opportunity to pursue a home life on your own terms."
    The trend for homesteading really kicked off during covid. People were concerned about where their food came from,  how it was grown, and most alarmingly, what happens to me if there is a loss of basic services?
    Homesteading has a broad definition. It can range anywhere from a pot garden on a city balcony to a full fledged self-sustaining farm. Most people have something in between like we do. 

    "McClelland and O’Neill didn’t always intend to pursue a homebound life./ ...

    Monday, April 8, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Monday market in minutes, inventory outpacing pending sales

    We are way up in inventory! Which tells me...there may be a shift happening this Spring.
    First of all, new listing are up 29.8% for a total of 322 new listings this week across the region. That is a huge difference from last year's numbers.

    And while pending sales are up 8.1%, they are not keeping pace with the current number of homes that are coming on to the market.

    What this indicates is a shift towards a buyer's market.
    I have had a lot of inquiries this week from sellers, some of which are already listed with other agents, wondering why their homes aren't selling. The numbers are a true indication that we are experiencing a market shift making pricing your property competitively all the more important.
    Total inventory of homes for sale is up significantly from this same time last Spring, up a total of 26.1% during a season when we should be seeing that number fall instead of climbing. Normally, as the Spring market heats up, we should see a decline in the number of homes ! ...