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  • Wait! Keep this in mind before you press the Zillow "contact agent" button

    Saturday, August 5, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    Wait! Keep this in mind before you press the Zillow "contact agent" button

    Looking for a house has gotten pretty convenient over the years! You used to have to physically go into a real estate office and flip through an actual book of listings with a living, breathing agent if you wanted to see all of the houses available for sale.

    Now you can see every house on the market in the comfort of your own home by scrolling any number of home listing websites, without having an agent watching over your shoulder! Of course, if you happen to have a question, or want more info, there’s always a “contact agent” button you can click…

    …but before you click that “contact agent” button, here 6 things you should keep in mind:

    1) You will be contacted…
    giphy 6.GIF
    Watch what you wish for, an agent (or 10!) most certainly will be contacting you. Depending upon which website you’re on, you could find yourself fielding calls, emails, and text messages from several agents within minutes of clicking the button, and they might keep coming in for hours, days, or even weeks afterward.

    2) …but probably not by who you thought would respond

    giphy 7.GIF
    Most people who aren’t in the business think that button is a direct link to the listing agent. Sometimes when you click the “contact agent” button your request will be forwarded to the actual listing agent. But more often than not your info is passed along to agents who have nothing to do with the house that prompted you to click the button. Heck, they might not even know a thing about the house you’re interested in!

    3) The agents were told you want them to contact you…
    giphy-downsized 3.GIF

    Unfortunately, potential buyers often feel tricked when they aren’t connected to a listing agent. These websites should really do a better job about prepping you and making sure you truly want an agent to reach out to you, and that it might not be the actual listing agent.

    Truth is, the agents who’ll be given your contact info are being told you want to be contacted. So don’t get angry with the agents who reach out to you; they weren’t the ones who misled you. If anything you’re both being a bit misled by the site that’s trying to connect you with each other.

    4) They’re not amused by your fake name…
    From the rather obvious, like Mick E. Mouse, to the ones that make them think for a minute or two, like Ivan Itchinos, and the absolutely juvenile ones like Ben Dover, agents get their fair share of bogus names and numbers. So don’t spend too much time trying to come up with a zinger… it’s just a waste of time that won’t be appreciated.

    5) Karma…
    200 5.GIF

    It probably boils down to people not being entirely aware of what will happen when they click the “contact agent” button.

    The agents are being told you’re aware they’ll be contacting you, and that you want more info, so try not to be too annoyed with them. Keep in mind that real estate is a small world, and you may end up coming face to face with that agent during the course of your home buying journey.

    6) The ultimate solution is…
    giphy 8.GIF

    Don’t click the “contact agent” button when you have a question about, or want to see a house you find online. The chances are, your information will just be sent to a random agent who doesn’t even know anything about the house you’re interested in…or your situation and needs! Have a trusted go-to agent you call whenever there’s a house you want to see, and work with your own dedicated buyer’s agent to help you find a house — and call him or her with any questions you have about any houses you see online.

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