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  • Two features most asked for that are hard to find in WNC, garages and one level homes. See the list!

    Friday, January 12, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Two features most asked for that are hard to find in WNC, garages and one level homes. See the list!

    There are two features that I get asked for the most in a home here in WNC and you wouldn't think that they would be that hard to come by...but they are!

    Garage and a one level home

    So that begs the question as to why?


    Many of us thoroughly love our garage space as simply an overflow for holiday decorations, tools, and yard equipment, not to mention that it's great to not have to scrape your car windows on a cold winter morning or have a place to unload groceries out of the rain. Many homes, especially new construction in our area, do not have garages...they aren't even an option. The reason being is that garages are an extra building cost that only yields approximately 10% where heated living spaces yield between 25-30% profit. So in times of elevated material costs, builders just aren't willing to pay the added expense for a garage considering that the profit margin isn't that high. 


    Another reason is that parcels on a steep slope require a smaller foundation footprint, especially if that parcel lies within the steep slope ordinance zone which most of Buncombe county does. The limits for site disturbance on a parcel in a steep slope or ridgeline ordinance area is .3 acres only for a lot less than 2 acres and 15% for a lot greater than 2 acres. In addition, builders can only utilize .16 acres for impervious surfaces (driveways, for example) on a lot less than 2 acres and 8% for a lot that is 2 acres or greater. That is just not a lot of space. So when deciding whether to reduce the house size in order to have a garage, most builders choose to keep the heated square footage and forego the garage build.

     One Level Living

    This is the mountains after all so one level homes can be hard to come by since so much of our topography is on a slope. Even if the home has a master bedroom on the main level, you can still expect a basement space or upper level for additional bedrooms and/or an office. With WNC being a retirement destination, this can pose a problem for homebuyers who truly need to have only one level for ease of maintenance or who plan on purchasing a home in order to age in place. Stairs can be a treacherous element and usually end up reducing the usable square footage of a home overall since upper or lower level rooms will become obsolete.

    There are certain areas, however, that do have the ability for one level living but they are mostly in the southern end of Buncombe and northern end of Henderson counties. Because of their unique features, these homes are a hot commodity and tend to sell very quickly. 

    412 Wiltshire Cir., Fletcher, located in Stafford Crossing, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, office, 2 car garage, screened in porch, Listed for $355,000

    I performed a search this morning for all homes that have a true one level only and a garage and out of 2 counties there were only 10 listings that were truly one level only with a garage on the main level.

    Here is that list:

    412 Wiltshire Cir., Fletcher
    33 Cozy Cottage Way, Arden
    538 Cane Creek Rd., Fairview
    47 Barn Owl Way, Hendersonville
    8 Country Meadows Ln., Hendersonville
    98 Mountain Meadow Cir., Weaverville
    121 Exeter Ct., Hendersonville
    27 Kirby Rd., Asheville
    115 Snowy Egret Way, Hendersonville
    302 Red Oak Dr., Hendersonville

    As you can see, there is a theme here. Every listing with the exception of 2 are located in the southern end of Buncombe county or in Henderson county. 

    If you are looking for special features please give me a call. I am happy to guide you in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful day!