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  • Travel to Asheville in a hurry for a great price and other options for home showings from a distance

    Tuesday, January 16, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Travel to Asheville in a hurry for a great price and other options for home showings from a distance

    Looking at homes in a different state can be a daunting process; especially when looking in a real estate market where homes only last for a few days. Last minute airline tickets can be very expensive as well as trying to juggle work and personal schedules. 

    Asheville is a regional airport which can make traveling even more challenging but we do have a few options available to you to make home shopping on the fly less stressful and easier on the wallet.

    Asheville Regional Airport airline carriers

    Asheville is serviced by the following airlines, however, most do not have daily service.

    Sun Country

    Your best bet for those coming from Florida is always going to be Allegiant. They service Asheville direct from 8 major cities across Florida and flights can be purchased at the last minute for as little as $98 one way.

    Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 8.36.37?AM.png

    And if you book out even a few days in advance, you can grab tickets for even less.

    Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 8.39.37?AM.png

    American offers daily service from Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. however a round trip fare from New York, for example, will cost approximately $735. Delta is similar with daily service offered from LaGuardia, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

    JetBlue and Sun Country offer seasonal service in the summer and early fall from Boston and Minneapolis.

    And United offers daily service from Chicago, Denver, and Newark.

    View the flight opportunities by airline and service at the link below.

    What do we suggest if none of the flight options work for you?

    The wave of the future is for many buyers to purchase a home through virtual showing tours. We can accomplish that through FaceTime if you have an iphone or mac or we can use Zoom or Google Meet for androids and pc's. 


    When we do a home showing through a virtual platform you will be able to ask us questions, take a look at options and features up close, and see the property and surrounding area in real time. We don't just show you the house, we walk through the yard, drive around the neighborhood, and can even take you down some of the major streets nearby. 


    Also, as an added bonus, some listing agents are using a virtual walkthrough tool that is photographed at the time of listing called Matterport. This tool enables you to digitally walkthrough the home at your own pace and view the layout and feel. If this link is provided, we are happy to assist you with using it with the one caveat that we do still recommend a virtual video showing with us in real time so that you have the chance to ask questions and investigate the home with an expert who has "feet on the ground".


    Many buyers have found that this is the next best thing to being there in person and they have not been disappointed when they are able to make the trip. This can be a great screening tool as well as a real time saver and strategy when you need to view and make an offer quickly on a hot property. This method also gives you time to schedule travel plans that are more financially friendly and on your time schedule once you have the home under contract.

    Remember, in NC you are never locked in to a contract. The buyer always has the option to withdraw at any time with the one risk being your due diligence deposit. 

    Think about this option and see if that might be viable to you. You can always try a virtual showing...it costs you nothing and it is my pleasure to assist you. About 50% of my clients are now purchasing homes through virtual video tours and when done thoroughly, they have found it to be a very pleasant and stress-free experience.