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  • The beauty of Asheville comes from its people

    Saturday, April 15, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    The beauty of Asheville comes from its people

    Asheville is unlike other southern cities in that we didn't conduct our formation by agriculture but on the backs of misfits and dreamers...

    Asheville has always been a sanctuary for the tired, the weary, the broken; those who are different, misunderstood, or just looking for a place of acceptance and tranquility. 

    It has always been a place open to innovation. From George Vanderbilt in the 1880s opening the first American forestry school to the home of writers like Thomas Wolfe and Carl Sandburg who grew up in family homes that were also boarding houses, where they gleaned much of their material from the visitors who graced their front porches. 


    Schenck School of Forestry, first forestry school in the U.S.

    OKH-1908.jpeg 16_07_13_Asheville0747_b5b0de8e-ce3d-4f53-a8f4-3ebdd17e22f2.jpeg

    Thomas Wolfe house, 1880 and today

    In the 1980s, Asheville became known as "Little San Francisco" for the easy acceptance that the area has always had for our LGBTQ+ community. 

    Unknown-1 (2).jpeg

    The University of North Carolina - Asheville was the first public liberal arts school in the state. Asheville also holds no barrier to religious freedom as we have representatives of every religious branch here from pagans to buddhists to christians. 

    images (2).jpeg

    Asheville pagans


    Urban Dharma, buddhist temple

    We have remained a haven for artists, musicians, and seekers evident today in the free dance expression that you can see at Pritchard Park at the Drum Circle. 

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    Growing up here forges a passion and protectiveness for those who seek sanctuary in our peaceful surroundings. It is why I love my home so much and want to show others why we are one of the unique places in the country.

    I found this poem written by Cotton Downing in 1892 and am so happy that my city has been loved through the ages.


    Enjoy your weekend everyone and find beauty everywhere you look!