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  • Second update on proposed STR restrictions in Buncombe County providing some much needed clarity

    Saturday, April 6, 2024   /   by Amy Brown

    Second update on proposed STR restrictions in Buncombe County providing some much needed clarity

    We have had some good news and existing short term rentals will be allowed to continue even after transfer of deed which is a huge relief. 

    And while none of this has been voted upon yet, I know that it has caused some anxiety for all of us looking to invest in the area. Here is what is looking like will pass according to an article released on April 2nd.

    The proposed regulations, which were introduced in December as part of the Buncombe 2043 Comprehensive Plan, would ban new whole-house short-term rentals in the unincorporated parts of Buncombe County unless they were located within five commercial zones or in the county’s residential open-use zone. Existing short-term rentals would not be affected by the changes but would require a county permit. 

    Updates and changes (New STRs)

    After receiving feedback from residents, the board updated its recommendations to allow residents who live in open-use districts to operate one or two STRs if the property is at least 2 acres and includes a primary residence. Grouped STRs of three-10 in open-use districts would also be allowed under a special permit.

    The board also reversed a previous recommendation that limited the size of STRs to 4,000 square feet after several board members expressed concern that the restriction could shut out families or people who rent STRs for weddings and other events. The new maximum size for STRs is 8,000 square feet. However, the board kept a recommendation that STRs shall not be used for events such as weddings, parties or family reunions with more than 10 visitors in addition to the rental’s occupants without an additional permit.

    Board members also settled on grandfathering existing STRs as long as they are used as a rental at least once every year, even if the property changes ownership. Otherwise, the permit lapses. The proposed regulations would require that STR operators or their managers live within 50 miles of the STR and be on call to address complaints from neighbors.

    Short-term rentals would be prohibited in all mobile home parks and within attached dwelling units, such as duplexes, townhomes or multifamily units. Travel trailers, recreational vehicles, sheds, vehicles and tents would also be banned from short-term rental use. However, planning staff explained that these structures would be considered when the board discusses homestay rules. 

    Here is the link to the full article and I hope that eases some of the anxiety and forges some clarity on the subject.


    Buying a short term rental is still viable here in Buncombe county! So let's get to shopping!