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  • NC Habits that You Will Come to Love

    Monday, November 21, 2022   /   by Amy Brown

    NC Habits that You Will Come to Love

    Every state in the U.S. has its own unique culture and traditions and NC is no different! Relocation is hard so I want to let you in on a few colloquial behaviors so that you will fit right in to our Appalachian way of life!

    1. We are huggers


    Sorry if you don't like to be hugged but it's inevitable...a stranger is going to hug you...just go with it, we are an affectionate people.

    2. The neighbors are going to bring you food

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    It doesn't matter what occurs in your life (birth, death, new car, new puppy, and most definitely a new neighbor) North Carolinians are going to eat their way through it! Even if you don't like the dish, just take it and say thank you. Also when you return the dish, custom dictates that you bake something in kind.

    3. Yes ma'am, No sir


    I promise that if someone says this to you, they are NOT calling you old! Respect in addressing all people, no matter their age, is ingrained into North Carolinians since birth. You will hear adults say this to children as well as the other way around.

    4. Asking for directions can be tricky

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    There are a lot of areas even within the city itself where cell service can be sketchy. Also, GPS will not always take you the most direct route down some of our country roads. If you stop for directions, you may get an answer such as, "Turn left where Old Man Johnson's grocery used to be" or "It's right next to where that tractor trailer jackknifed back in '08". They don't mean to be vague or inaccurate; it's just that nobody remembers what the street names are around here.

    5. Do not honk your horn when the light turns green

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    North Carolinians have a much slower pace of life. That is probably one of the reasons why you want to move here. We have to respect that pace, even when we are in a hurry, and know that a green light here does not mean jump on the gas pedal. We might ease on out once we put our coffee down and finish telling our story to our friend in the passenger seat.

    6. Ya'll, yonder, and holler


    You will hear these colloquialisms and they aren't bad English, they are simply the way that we express ourselves here in the mountains. Ya'll means all of you, yonder is over there some where, and the holler is a mountain cove somewhere. Embrace it and let it give you a little smile when you hear it.

    7. Take time to watch the sunsets


    There is a reason that you wanted to move here. The magic of our mountains is breathtaking...make sure that you take some time to stop and appreciate the beauty.