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  • Movie characters who would make great real estate agents

    Wednesday, September 27, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    Movie characters who would make great real estate agents

    Real estate agents aren’t known for being boring. While they have all sorts of personalities, most of them are (at a minimum) unique, and are often charming, energetic, and occasionally quirky. To put it another way: they would make perfect movie characters! 

    But what if the opposite is true? Which movie characters would make excellent real estate agents? If we don’t count the characters who already are agents (like Annette Bening’s materialistic Carolyn Burnham in American Beauty), there’s quite a long list of those who would fight tooth and nail to get their clients the best deals. 

    Here are ten movie characters who would make fantastic real estate agents: (and my take on their special points of view)!

    1. Elle Woods 

    She can do anything she puts her mind to, whether it’s finishing law school or moving heaven and earth to find her buyers their dream home. 

    I agree wholeheartedly with Elle, we can do this with a bit of perseverance, compromise, a touch of patience, and a bit of fight!

    2. Tony Stark 

    A little on the flashy side, Tony would spend an afternoon developing an algorithm to give his clients a competitive edge.

    Ok, so Selling AVL does have an entire app at your disposal that links directly to the MLS in real time…just sayin’.

    3. Alfred from Batman 

    A true servant, Alfred would not only stay attuned to his client’s needs, he’d also do it with class and a touch of humor.

    It is one of my superpowers to know what you want even before you do.

    4. Dr. John Hammond from Jurassic Park 

    Dr. Hammond is a dreamer, and he can inspire you to think big, whether it’s finding the perfect suburban house, or trying to buy a private island in the middle of nowhere for his next “project.”

    We can make any home yours…forget the shag carpet and flowered wallpaper! I have people for that!

    5. Ellen Ripley from Aliens 

    Ripley isn’t scared of anything, and that includes xenomorphs with acid in their blood and making a bid on a competitive property. You definitely want her on your side of the transaction though.

    I pity the fool who tries to cross one of my clients…I am a redhead after all.

    6. Erin Brockovich 

    Erin doesn’t come from money, but she’ll fight for what’s right and to get the best deal, all while maintaining her integrity, her honesty, and an aggressive (but unbelievably charming) attitude.

    I think that we might be related…

    7. Rocky Balboa 

    Rocky is the perfect agent to have on your side in a competitive market. No matter how many deals you lose out on, he’ll inspire you to get back out there and try just one more time.

    Preparation is the key to success!

    8. Princess Leia 

    She might be royalty, but Leia is a woman of the people, and as an agent, she’ll not only represent your best interests, she’ll lead an army on your behalf, (if she has to).

    And yes, I do have an army of renovation, legal, utility, land, and all around home service experts at your disposal!

    9. Clarice Starling 

    A bit on the serious side, Clarice is a professional through and through. You can expect her to work hard, and to keep an eye out for anyone who might wish to do you harm.

    That is why I have automatic showing services that create logs for who enters your home, when, and where they came from to protect your greatest asset.

    10. Marty McFly 

    Okay, he might be a bit high-strung at times, but you can’t deny his charisma and charm. Marty will do his best for you, and if you lose the bid, you can always hop in his time machine and try again.

    Asheville has charm in spades and if you are looking for a guide to the most special, eclectic, and nostalgic spots, I’m your person!

    Enjoy your day, my friends! There are a lot of great properties out there to see!