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  • Monday market in minutes

    Monday, September 4, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    Monday market in minutes

    Let's break it down by price range per number of bedrooms, days on market, and financing today...

    Certain price ranges are moving faster than others so this might put it in a better perspective for those looking to purchase. This will also shed some light on what types of financing are getting offers accepted over others. As well as show how quickly you need to move on a property that you like.

    Average sold price

    < or = 2 bedrooms      $349,662

    3 bedrooms                 $597,760

    4+ bedrooms               $906,088

    Average price overall    $604,298

    Days on market

    0-30                           231 units
    31-60                           54
    61-90                           15
    91-120                         13
    121-180                         5
    181-365                         3
    366+                            10


    Cash                           130 units
    Construction loan             1
    Conventional                178
    FHA                                6
    Owner financing               4
    USDA                              1
    VA                                   9

    Number of available homes by price point

    $220,000-239,999          10
    $240,000-259,999           8
    $260,000-279,999           6
    $280,000-299,999          13
    $300,000-349,999          54
    $350,000-399,999          47
    $400,000-499,999          43
    $500,000-599,999         100
    $600,000-699,999          74
    $700,000-799,999          68
    $800,000-899,999          45
    $900,000,999,999          37
    $1,000,000-1,499,999    80
    $1,500,000-1,999,999    40
    over $2,000,000             67


    For the most commonly requested home size of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths anywhere in Buncombe county (Greater Asheville, Weaverville, Black Mountain, Fairview, Arden, Candler, and Leicester), you will need to budget for a price of $600,000. Any home of that size will be sold within the first 30 days so you will need to move quickly when you see one that you like. Also, the odds of getting your offer accepted will be considerably greater if you are paying cash or using a conventional loan. Even so, inventory is limited to less than 174 homes in the entire county. 

    First step, make sure that you have your proof of funds letter or preapproval letter in hand before requesting to make an offer!!!! Your offer will not be viewed without it! 

    Second, when you see a home that you like, schedule the showing that day and be prepared to make your offer.

    Always remember that the home you like today, someone who saw it yesterday is making an offer so be aggressive in your search, make it a priority in your schedule, and have your financials ready to go!