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  • Hump Day Funnies - Realtor Life

    Wednesday, August 2, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    Hump Day Funnies - Realtor Life

    I write to you everyday and at times, I think that it can feel stuffy, too professional, and let's face it...maybe a bit boring.


    Let's look at the funny side of real estate and have a bit of a mid week laugh, shall we?

    Real estate on a daily basis can be a bit harrowing.

    This is what realtors look like when they see their cell phone on the kitchen counter after having shut the electronic lockbox and locked the door. By the way...cell phone is the only way to access the key.

    giphy 2.GIF

    You would think that this would only happen once...I've done it twice.

    Also, I love rolling up in my car, feeling great, with my new dress on and my stilettos only to find my real estate sign half hanging out of a dumpster. 

    Most people would say, just leave it! But at $70 a pop, I'm going in!


    And one of my favorites...tomorrow is closing day...you call your clients to say, Congratulations! Me: Did you get everything moved out ok and are you settling into your new home? Them: Not exactly.... Me: What do you mean? Them: Well, we left some things behind...


    giphy 3.GIF


    giphy 4.GIF
    The entire basement was full of furniture, holiday decorations, clothes, and, wait for it....their CAT. 

    It was hiding because of the ruckus and I found it in the ceiling. What do you do? You climb up there and fish it out! I don't think the new buyers bargained for an extra pet. 

    And yes, I hired a truck and was there until 3am moving out the stuff that they left behind.

    I have also mown grass, pulled cars out of the mud at showings, been chased down the driveway by large dogs, and walked into homes to show only to be encountered by a visiting "friend" who does not wear pants while watching TV. 

    200 2.GIF

    I may leave my house feeling like this

    200 3.GIF
    But by the time I get home, it's more like this

    giphy 5.GIF

    So if you have been thinking that, geez I pay my agent too much, try to remember that our job...it ain't easy!

    I hope this gave you a bit of a laugh :)