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  • How to view real estate photos

    Thursday, January 19, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    How to view real estate photos

    There is a bit of an art to viewing real estate photos.

    Photographers can be somewhat magicians when it comes to taking pictures of spaces, using angles and light to detract from defects and enhance the positives. 

    Here are some things to pay attention to when looking at homes online:

    1. Whether the pictures posted are professional or not says a lot about how a transaction is going to play out. An agent that knows the business of real estate is going to invest money into their listings by paying a professional photographer to show their properties in the best light. This demonstrates their commitment to the industry and to their clients, indicating that they are competent in the transaction process and are committed to having that process run smoothly and in cooperation with your buyer's agent. 

    Professional photo                   Photo taken with a cell phone

    GetMedia-23.ashx (8).jpeg    GetMedia-24.ashx (8).jpeg

    2. You want to focus on the space. Effective photography takes a photo with the camera pointed at a corner of the room so that you can see the expanse of the space. This should enable you to better determine if the room size is going to be adequate for your needs.

    GetMedia-25.ashx (8).jpeg

    3. The photo order should tell a story. Each room should be photographed from one corner and then a subsequent photo taken of the opposite corner so that a buyer can view the room in total. Photos should be organized going from the front door to the main living spaces and ending with either the backyard or garage to create a mini walkthrough tour.

    Photographs of dining room taken from opposite corners. It makes a huge difference on your understanding of the space.

    GetMedia-55.ashx.jpeg    GetMedia-56.ashx.jpeg

    4. In order to understand the topography, you need to look at the view. If the photos from the deck show a massive view, you can guarantee that the house is built on a sharp drop-off and will not have a yard. 

    Big views                                No yard

    GetMedia-57.ashx.jpeg    GetMedia-58.ashx.jpeg

    5. Pay close attention to features and fixtures when pictures transition from the main level of the home to the basement. From an appraisal value, basement spaces are valued at only 50-75% of the value of the upper floors dependent upon the level of finishes. Knowing that finishes do not yield as high of profit margins as other elements such as over all square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms, builders tend to install lesser quality finishes in basement spaces than they do in the rest of the home. This will be most evident in flooring and bathroom fixtures. 

    Main level, real hardwood floors       Basement level, laminate

    GetMedia-59.ashx.jpeg          GetMedia-60.ashx.jpeg

    I hope you found this view into real estate photography helpful in your search for a new home. I have found that with a scrutinizing eye, you can save yourself a lot of disappointment and wasted time by viewing photos critically and by knowing what to look for.