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  • Asheville neighborhood sneak peek and questions that will help me assist you with finding the right home

    Friday, November 24, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    Asheville neighborhood sneak peek and questions that will help me assist you with finding the right home

    Neighborhood wants and needs for buyers

    The following neighborhood qualities ranked high in importance for buyers:

    • Feels safe: 83% say a feeling of safety is very or extremely important
    • Walkable: 66%
    • Preferred neighborhood: 60% 
    • Proximity to shopping, services and/or leisure activities: 58% 
    • Optimal commute to work or school: 53% 
    • Offers a sense of community or belonging: 51%
    • Close to family and friends: 50% 
    • In preferred school district: 44% 

    Home features buyers want

    When it comes to home features, the following were very or extremely important to a majority of buyers:

    • Within initial budget: 82%  of buyers cite budget as very or extremely important
    • Air conditioning: 79% 
    • Preferred number of bedrooms: 77% 
    • Preferred number of bathrooms: 72% 
    • Private outdoor space: 72% 
    • Floor plan/layout that fits preferences: 72% 
    • Preferred size/square footage: 69%
    Home characteristics by generation

    I pride myself on giving you my best recommendations for purchasing in the area including top neighborhoods, best condition and features, most square footage for the price, and most unique architecture. 

    I hand pick each of the ten homes that I send to you every morning with these elements in mind. 

    But none of these recommendations make any difference without your feedback. So I would like to hear from you! 

    Top questions that would help me HELP YOU the most:

    1. What is your favorite neighborhood? Location is everything. If it's not convenient for your life, it won't work.

    2. What style of home do you prefer? Is it modern and new, historic and nostalgic, or suburban contemporary? Or do you desire a lock and leave condo?

    3. Do you prefer the city or the country?

    4. What is your favorite room in your current home? This tells me a lot about how you enjoy living; such as, if you are an avid reader, maybe you enjoy a library, or if you like to cook, your kitchen needs to have certain features like natural gas or a subzero refrigerator.

    5. What are your hobbies? This can tell me a lot about your needs; such as, if you like classic cars maybe you need a large garage or workshop, or if you are an artist maybe you need a studio or craft room.

    6. Do you have kids and/or pets or do you like to garden? This tells me about yard space needs.

    7. Do you commute to work or work from home? Office anyone?

    8. Do you have mobility needs that may require one level living?

    9. Is this a vacation home or investment property?

    10. Do you have extended family needs such as a mother-in-law suite?

    Showing you homes means nothing without the details and I consider myself more than a realtor, I am a lifestyle specialist. I have lived in Asheville for 48 years and I know where to find the best homes at the best price with the best features and the best investment return.

    Here is a peak into the hottest neighborhoods in the Asheville area: