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  • 6 Ways Dating Compares to Home Buying, and Why a Best Friend (Or Agent) Makes All the Difference

    Wednesday, November 8, 2023   /   by Amy Brown

    6 Ways Dating Compares to Home Buying, and Why a Best Friend (Or Agent) Makes All the Difference

    recent survey found that 59% of people who’d bought a home in the past year felt that buying a home was more stressful than dating!

    It’s true, buying a home can be stressful… but more stressful than dating?!

    “More” stressful seems a bit unfair. Dating and buying a home are actually pretty similar — you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and slip on a lot of glass slippers before you find your Cinderella, whether you’re referring to the perfect mate or house! But it’s all worth it once you finally find “the one.”

    But neither dating or house hunting has to be that stressful if you have a bestie by your side!

    Just as in dating, where your best friend plays a crucial role as a trusted confidant and advisor, the same goes for your real estate agent when buying a house. They serve as your objective voice of reason, a sounding board for your thoughts, and a great source of empathy and advice whether you’re looking for a mate or an estate.

    Let’s take a look at 6 ways dating and buying a home are similar, and compare how having a best friend for dating advice and the best real estate agent for real estate advice can be absolute lifesavers.

    1) Overwhelming Choices

    The internet has made it easier for both dating and house hunting by making all of your options easy to find. The problem is, there’s almost too many sites you can search, making it seem like there are endless options… but very few that seem interesting enough to pursue!

    Both your best friend and your agent can help you narrow down your choices, and make sure you don’t swipe left on a potential mate or house that you were a bit too quick to judge by their online pics.

    2) Ghosting

    In dating, a person you’ve been texting, talking to, or even seeing can vanish in the blink of an eye. But in the world of home buying, there’s always the possibility of your dream house vanishing from the market right before your eyes. In both cases, there’s a good chance someone else scooped up the one you wanted before you could seal the deal.

    Sometimes losing someone or a house that you had your eye on is the best thing for you. Other times it just hurts and makes you feel rejected. Your best friend and your agent will both be there to remind you that you will eventually find “the one” and to keep your chin (and your hopes) up!

    3) Hoping for Love at First Sight

    Lots of people believe they’ll know they’ve found the perfect mate or house at first sight. But sometimes a person or a house has to grow on you a bit before you see how perfect the fit is.

    Your best friend can make sure you give a fair shot to someone who may not look like your type, but actually has the perfect personality for you, and your agent can make sure you see past the ugly wallpaper and shag carpet of the otherwise perfect home for you.

    4) Commitment Issues

    Settling down means closing yourself to other options. Sometimes it’s difficult to say “I do” to a potential spouse or a house because you might feel like there might be a better option out there, or are just afraid to tie yourself down to one person or place.

    Your best friend and your agent are the perfect people to tell you the harsh truth if you’re just being too picky, or stubborn, and help you get over your fear of commitment.

    5) Upon Further Inspection…

    Before you fully commit to a person or a house, it’s important to do a thorough inspection. Does your potential spouse or house have issues? If so, how bad are they?

    You’re bound to find something wrong with any person you’re thinking about marrying, or any house you might buy. Turn to your best friend for some objective advice on whether you should overlook a few character flaws in the person you’re dating, and ask your agent whether the flaws in the house you’re thinking about buying are a deal breaker, or something you can easily live with or fix.

    6) Buyer’s Remorse

    It’s natural to regret making a big decision, whether it’s a high priced purchase, or a lifetime commitment to someone.

    So if you’re having second thoughts about the person you’re dating or engaged to, or a house you’re under contract to buy, your friend or agent is the perfect person to remind you that it’s natural to feel this way, and it doesn’t mean you’re actually making a big mistake.